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Clover Go: A Nominee for Best POS Innovation for 2017

The nomination for Best POS Innovation is underway, and Clover Go is in the midst of it. A recent report from who reports on payment industry news has been involved in The Innovation Project. This is a yearly event where payment industry gurus come together to discuss and review new technologies in the industry to share what’s in the works for the future.

Clover Go is a solution built by First Data, a processing platform that processes credit cards using POS systems for their clients. Products such as the Clover Station and the Clover Go are changing the game when it comes to payment processing.

The technologies in which Clover Go utilizes are EMV technology, user-friendly software, a Bluetooth reader, long-lasting battery, and sales activity reporting.

What makes Clover Go a top candidate for the nomination? Their customer service level is second to none. The communication you receive and reliability is leading the industry. Much of the credit goes to the products being backed by First Data, who is the industry leader when it comes to payment processing.

To learn more, here is an overview of the Clover Go solutions for payment processing. If you would like to use the CloverGo payment solution for your business, call us at: 888-498-1456.