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Smart Payment Solutions for Hotel Businesses

Reduce chargebacks & streamline your payment solutions with FD Merchant

Many merchant processors have old systems that provoke fraudulent charges. At FD Merchant we take a different approach. With Chip & PIN, we drastically reduce chargeback fees — What’s not to like?

We work with many hotel owners, and we’re well aware how important it is to accept all payment types for your hotel brand. At FD Merchant, our EMV payment solutions offer you a complete & secure solution for taking payment. Whether you’re located or visiting from the US, or another country we offer a quick, easy, and secure reliable service for you and your customers — we’ve got it covered.

Not only that, now you can offer incentives such as customer gift card programs to help encourage repeat visitors to your hotel. You may not have the know-how, but we can share with you how to utilize these tools.

When it comes to knowing the travel industry, we know how to offer these prepaid solutions for business and individual customers at a great rate. 

Learn more about our products to see how we can provide better service and rates for your hotel and motel businesses.

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