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Stop eating away your margins with unnecessary fees

Focused on helping grocery stores expand their capacities with the most advanced point-of-sale solutions.

At FD Merchant, our focus is to provide a wide range of payment solutions for your customers. Our goal in mind is to create a better shopping experience for your customers. The First Data backed solutions allow us to process and handle credit card, debit card, and EBT processing payments.

When it comes to having a merchant processor to fit your needs, it’s pivotal to stay up with the trends, and have a secure and reliable solution to do so. First Data is the industry leader in payment processing, and can reduce the transaction times to 3-4 seconds, making payment faster than ever. As a business owner, it’s important to streamline to process to cut back on the time spent in line. Now you can bring more and more customers through your doors and provide better service overall service.

Learn how FD Merchant can help your business with our products backed by First Data.

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