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Streamline your payment solutions with FD Merchant

What is important to consider when searching for a Merchant Services company?

Our focus is merchant processing, and here are some of the important things to consider when choosing a provider:

Educating you on chargebacks. When it comes to protecting your business against fraudulent charges, does the merchant provider give training to reduce the risk of chargebacks.

Explain the fee schedule. Does your provider clearly outline the terms and fees for your service. This includes the purchase agreement and scheduled fees.

Should there be setup fees?

Nobody enjoys paying for setup or reprogramming fees for their services. This shouldn’t be the only thing to consider when choosing a merchant processing provider. However, you may want to take it into consideration and learn whether or not they’re actually offering no set-up fees, or whether they’re tacking on other hidden fees.

We take pride in being transparent, and we communicate all fees up-front when providing our services.

How is a processing company different than a bank?

When it comes to the actual transactions themselves, there are a few different platforms in which they take place. Most of the financial institutions out there don’t process the transactions themselves, but instead they rely on other third party companies to do the heavy lifting for them.

The three main that merchant processors rely on are: Banks, Associations, and ISOs (Independent Sales Organizations).

Here is an article on How to find the Right ISO for Your Merchants which will better educate you in making a decision that’s a fit for your business.

How do I know if I’ll be saving money with FD Merchant?

It's simple. We start by looking at your statements. Send over your statements to our agents, and we will do a complementary no-obligation review. Our staff will help you understand your fees, and provide the best solution for your business. 

You can contact us, or give us a call at: 888-498-1456 for more information.

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